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The ROMARIN (Read-Only-Memory-Of-Madrid-Active-Registry-Information) database contains information regarding all international marks documented under the Madrid system. These marks are the ones which are currently in force in the International Register or have expired within the past six months. It also includes data relating to international applications and subsequent designations that are still under the examination process within the IB of WIPO.

Other features of International Registration of marks under Madrid Protocol

If under any circumstances, the basic application is refused or withdrawn or treated as abandoned within the five-year period, the international registration will no longer be protected, indicating the dependence of international registration of marks on basic marks.

If an international application is cancelled due to extinction of the basic application or registration, then the holder of the international registration can file the application for the same mark within 3 months, in the office of any of the contracting parties where the international registration had effect.

Madrid system provides 90 % cost reduction to least developed countries for international Trademark application and management.

Madrid real-time status (MRS): It helps Trademark owners and their representatives to find the status of a request in real time

Madrid Electronic alert (MEA): It is a watch service meant for monitoring the status of international marks through email alerts informing any changes in international registrations.

Madrid portfolio manager (MPM):It is a web tool that helps Trademark owners and their representatives to access and manage their Trademark portfolio online.

Goods & Services manager (GSM): It helps Trademark applicants to compile the list of Goods and Services when filing an international application. It is available in different languages.

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