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Protected Saree

The patterned blue border on white saree of Missionaries of Charity is synonymous with Mother Teresa who was canonized as Saint by the Pope this year. Mother Teresas organisation, Missionaries of Charity is globally renowned for its services towards the sick, orphaned, poor and destitute.

 On 04th September, 2016, the day the Mother was canonized as saint, the blue designed border on the saree worn by the nuns of Missionaries of Charity, has been recognized as intellectual property for the organization. The Trade Marks Registry, Govt. of India has granted the registration of the trade mark for that pattern of blue border of the saree under the concept of colour trade mark protection. The details of those colour trademarks are as such:

Conceptually, a colour trade mark is a non-conventional form of a trade mark wherein only colour is protected as right of monopoly under the Trade Mark Acts in any country due to its distinctive colour orientation.

It is important to mention here that Mother Teresa, before her passing away, had issued directives that her name should not be exploited for commercial purposes. Nor did she wish to be institutionalized. To fulfill her wish, we conceptualized the idea of protecting the distinctive blue pattern on the white sarees worn by the nuns of Missionaries of Charity, under the Intellectual Property Rights. The exclusive right of use of said blue pattern adopted by the Missionaries of Charity is unique and is the first time ever that a uniform has been protected under the Intellectual Property Rights.

Unscrupulous and unfair usage of the said blue pattern is rampant across the globe. Now that the distinctive design is protected under Intellectual Property Law, this menace can be checked.

We are humbled that we have got this protection for Mother Teresas organisation. Its our homage to Mother Teresa.