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London Smoked Salmon

Salmond and London -  Does it sound familiar??? Well, the most recent GI has been given to UKs well established smoked salmon business H Forman and Sons which has turned into the Londons first ever food producer of food and drinks to get the European Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. The EU protected food name scheme covers regional and traditional foods whose authenticity and origin can be guaranteed.

The characteristics of London Cure Smoked Salmon are linked to the geographical area based on tradition, reputation, the smoking process and the skills of those involved in that process. These skills have been passed down from generation to generation. The smoked salmon made in H. Forman has a typical way of manufacturing which has become a tradition in the region of London and possesses certain taste due to its manufacturing style which is done by using hands.  However, the traditional smokehouse in the East End of London was diminishing.

PGI status protects consumers from buying cheap imitations that are not of equivalent quality, have additives, preservatives or sugar. In order to be considered London Cure, the salmon must be smoked and processed entirely by hand. In keeping with tradition, the smoke acts as a seal to lock in the taste of cured salmon rather than to flavor it. As such London Cure salmon is milder and more delicate than mass produced products.

The GI protection to the Britains oldest smoked salmon business was granted after four years long application process it is the first ever London-based food or drink to be recognized for this accreditation

Lot of question is hovering upon the impact of Brexit on PGI status on H Forman and Sons food product? Whatever it is, point to be noted here is that Britain is a member of TRIPS agreement and if ever there is an issue regarding the status of European Protected Geographical Indication in Britain. Britain can always set up new regulations on Geographical indication based on TRIPS.

So lets wait and watch whether UK decides to opt for a new legislation on GI or continues to be under European Protected rules for GI.