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Alaia: The Designer

Azzedine Alaia was born to a wheat farmers family in Tunisia. Alaia got fascinated for high dressmaking and fashion because of his twin glamorous sisters. Soon he joined the School of Fine Arts (Ecole des Beaux- Arts) and gained valuable insights and studied sculpture. After completing graduation Alaia worked as a dressmakers assistant. And gradually he moved to Paris to work as fashion designer. Alaia worked with many designers and eventually his career skyrocketed when two of the most powerful fashion editors supported him in their editorials and because of his tempting, clinging clothes which turned to a massive success he was named as The King of Cling by the media.

Soon after a gap from his career life he presented his collections from workshop, boutique and showroom together under one roof. Alaia focused on clothes and the uniqueness of designing clothes for females rather than giving emphasis on perfumes and handbags. Alaias imagination and his hard work towards the designing of clothes have made him the king of the fashion world. The uniqueness of his designs was the reason of his success. Alaias collection and his unique dresses are being recognized and wore by many popular celebrities. He also worked with the Prada group and later with the Richemout group. The basis of his popularity was because of his independent work and avoiding the marketing logic. Hence, the designs of Alaia were completely different than others which made him recognizable as a designer which many or rather the most of the designers are not designated with. However, with the death of Alaia it is believed that the fashion is also dead. Nowadays designers are far away in creating such unique designs of tunics and dresses which Alaia did in order to be recognized in the true sense as a designer.

The question that remains is after Alaia is the fashion world dead? Well it will/would depend upon the upcoming designers creation and the representation of their work in terms of design.