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IPR- Film & Music

Why is protection needed for films and music??

In the present day, film makers, musicians, writers, cinematographers, singers, choreographers’ etc. none of these professionals could claim remuneration without copyright. With the increase in demand of such culture it is easily accessible to the greatest number that UNESCO, WTO, WIPO are engaged in seeking the right balance between the interests of the artist and those of the general public. The new techniques of pirating musical recording or DVD’s however, are threatening this fragile equilibrium. Hence, Intellectual property right is working as a global protector to protect rights of original creator, authors etc.

In a recent statement given by Minister of Commerce and Industry, Nirmala Sitharaman, she said that, Government of India will ensure protection of Intellectual Property Rights of Film and Music Industry, as any kind of piracy is “absolutely unacceptable” since, pirated movies are becoming a common phenomenon and people are getting it at their doorsteps. With the immense increase of piracy and duplicity of films and music these days, it has become utmost important to protect the rights of the professionals who are involved in these industries. The Minister also stated that, protection of the rights of music and film would be ensured and taken care of due to the increase in piracy in India. She also said that, the Government would soon appoint a Chairman of Intellectual Property Appellate Board together with the Copyright Board. It was also stated that Government values the rights of IPR holders and also trying to build awareness about protection of IPRs. The Government also tries to bring some level of credibility and build awareness among people who are IP right holders or owners and institutions which know that they have to intervene so that the rule of law can play its role. The Ministry also informed that special courts were being set up for speedy resolution of disputes which may occur otherwise and new steps would be followed so as to reduce the time for examination of patent and trade mark applications.

This news has brought some relief to the right holders and owners of the film and music industry since, it ensures the protection of the works created by film makers, musicians, choreographers, writers etc. in the entertainment industry so as to protect them from piracy and duplicate CDs that are being sold in the market openly, making it easily accessible for people to watch movies even before the date of release.