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Drive On

On the 1st of December 2015, Google announced that they had secured two patents for its self-driving car.

The first patent is for the interior of the new car. The Google self-driving car is a two-seater with a touch-screen in front of the driver seat instead of the usual apparatus of a steering wheel and pedals. The touch screen has a green "Go" button and a red "Stop Now" button. Also the touch screen has controls for the monitoring of the internal lights and sound system.

The second patent covers a system of screens and speakers on the exterior that helps the car to interact with pedestrians and motorists. It can indicate when it is safe for them to cross the street et cetra. This car is developed with a view to reduce accidents in highly populated urban areas.

Google has hired Robert Rose, the engineer responsible for the development of the Tesla Autopilot Software. His services at Google are not specified but it is being assumed that he is working on the company's self-driving car program under which the two aforementioned patents were secured.