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Copyright V. Moral right

A very interesting case puts forward about the importance of moral rights that every author or creator of a work should possess in case of copyright. One of the director named Fausto Brizzi is about to release its film without mentioning its name as the director under the production and distribution of Wildside and Warner Bros. The question aroused whether a film can be released without the name of the director? Different case laws prove that the author/director has the moral rights towards its work and such rights cannot be taken away from him/her. But due to Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and many more scandals as disclosed by the newspaper which also rumored about Brizzi who might have assaulted Italian actresses for which the U.S. entertainment colossus removed the name of Weinstein from the film and also happened to Kevin spacey too. Therefore, Warner is of the view not to mention Brizzis name in the film because of his misconduct with the Italian actresses. Now the question is whether Warner can do so which looking from the side of Brizzi will amount to authors right infringement but according to the judgments given in Weinstein and Kevins cases it can be constructed that the name of the director need not  be mentioned if the director has any such disgraceful character.

Therefore, the moral rights are truly the personal rights that connect the creator of a work to their work. Therefore, the basics of moral rights require that the creators or authors rights to be recognized and his name to be shown in the work and no one should hurt the reputation of the creator whereas copyright is a form of intellectual property protection provided by the law to the original works of authorship. Moreover, if anyone does not show the actual creators name or treats the work in a way that hurts the reputation then it will result to moral rights infringement. Hence a conclusion is still yet to be made that whether the moral rights of author or director is to be given importance as such rights cannot be taken away from him/her.  Above all it is to be noted that how far Warner will go to exclude Brizzis name from the authorship of the film.