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Another Titanic

The ship, the iceberg, the movie.....and the story continues. Does this give you a sinking sensation that it could get a little convoluted? Then true that!!!!!! The success of the movie Titanic urged many business organizations to name their brands as "Titanic". It started in 2011 when a health spa in U.K was named as Titanic spa and obtained trademark registration. A hotel bearing "Titanic Liverpool hotel" was also en route to opening in 2014 and soon after its opening "Titanic spa" complained about the use of the name "T-SPA" followed by a trademark infringement suit in 2015. Right away the hotel's spa renamed itself as Maya-Blue-Spa. But this is not the end as it turns out that Titanic spa has also filed a cancellation application for the trademark "Titanic Quarter" owned by Titanic Trademark Limited, which was revoked very recently.

Further Titanic Trademark Limited filed appeal against the revocation of the trademark "Titanic Quarter" claiming that Titanic quarter predated Titanic Spa and it the Titanic spa which infringed the hotel's trademark. Even though the English court rejected its contention,Titanic Quarter is authorized to retain the mark for their hotels in U.K.

Although Titanic Liverpool hotel operating under the Titanic Trademark Limited is well known among its customers, but the customers undeniably got confused over the visual and aural similarities between the two trademarks. Another notable factor in this case is before rebranding itself as Maya-Blue recently Titanic Liverpool was involved in a misrepresentation which could have caused damage to the Titanic spa. You must be wondering why misrepresentation is coming into the picture? It is because the customers often made reservation at the wrong place due to confusion between the marks. Now that the dispute has come to an end it would be exciting for us to see how far the "Titanic spa" sails in an ocean full of icebergs.